S038 The Origins of the Incident in Korea

   ーThe assassination of Kim Ok-gyunー


Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library

publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro

the date of issue:August in 1894(27 Meiji)


Kim Ok-gyun was a Korean person.

He was good at study and was good at the painting and calligraphic work, too. He was sharp and the reputation for talent was very high, but his policy was not accepted in the Korean Imperial Court and, as a result, he took refuge in Japan and called himself Iwata Syusaku.

 In March 1894 Korean Hong Tjyong-ou went to Shanghai in pursuit of Kim and shot him to death in Nippon Hotel.

Now, The Korean Imperial Court has been pushing forward with reform according to an advice of Great Japanese Empire . His will of the civilization had been very big. If he would have been alive he would have been surely employed  and would have done much for his country.

We have lost a precious person.

Precious. Really precious.

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