S039 The Battle of Seonghwan

creator:Utagawa Kunitora

Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library

publisher: Kodama Matashichi

the date of issue:September in 1894(27 Meiji)


Only the left image is collected in the Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library.


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There is a different edition in British Library


Source16126.d.1 (25)

Title of WorkSeikan no eki Nihon daishōri no zu

Shelfmark16126.d.1 (25)

AuthorArtist/creator"Utagawa Yoshitora II (.)"

Place and date of productionSeptember 1894


Credit© The British Library Board


The Battle of Seonghwan

16126.d.1 (25)


© The British Library Board