B006 The Naval Battle of Pungdo(C: Feng-tao), Korea) 

      Chōsen Hōtō kaisen no zu


 Kobayashi Kiyochika                                          British Museum                   
Object types:triptych print

Title:Chōsen Hōtō kaisen no zu 朝鮮豊島海戦之図 (The Naval Battle of Pungdo (C: Feng-tao), Korea)



Production person:Print artist Kobayashi Kiyochika (小林清親)

Production place:Published in Tokyo-to(Asia,Japan,Tokyo-to)

Date:August 1894

Period/Culture:Meiji Era

Description:Colour woodblock print, triptych. Depicting the Battle of Pungdo, the first battle of the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-5.



Height: 36.3 centimetres (right sheet)Width: 25.2 centimetres (right sheet)

Height: 37.3 centimetres (centre sheet)Width: 25.2 centimetres (centre sheet)

Height: 37.5 centimetres (left sheet)Width: 25.2 centimetres (left sheet)


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Curator's comments

This evocative rendition of the Battle of Pungdo--the first battle of the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-5--shows surviving Chinese sailors struggling ashore after their gunboat, the Guangyi, was destroyed by Japanese ships offshore of Asan, Korea. The British Museum has four other works (including sets) by Kiyochika that depict the Sino-Japanese war. This is by far the most artistically accomplished.


Associated events:Associated Event Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895)

Acquisition date:2011
Acquisition name:Funded by JTIPurchased from Hara Shobo (原書房) 
Acquisition notes:Credit Line: Purchase funded by JTI Japanese Acquisition Fund
Exhibition History2012 Feb – Jun, BM Japanese Galleries, ‘Japan from Prehistory to the Present’

明治廿七年八月 日印刷


臨写印刷兼発行者 井上吉次郎 日本橋区本町二丁目十番地




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There is an another print in National Diet Library.

014 朝鮮豊島海戦之圖 The Naval Battle of Pungdo


National Diet Library                                     British Museum