B002 Attack on Jinzhou castle

          Kinshu-jo kogeki no zu 



Adachi Ginko                 British Museum

Object types:triptych print

Title:Kinshu-jo kogeki no zu (Attack on Jinzhou castle)



Production person:Print artist Adachi Ginko (安達吟光)

Published by Tsujiokaya Bunsuke 

Production place:Made in Japan 

Date:October 1894

Description:Triptych; woodblock print. Bombardment of Jinzhou coastal fortress by Japanese ships. Sealed; inscribed.


InscriptionsInscription Type: mark Inscription Transliteration: Ginko Inscription Comment: seal

Inscription Type: inscription Inscription Comment: inscribed with title

Dimensions Height: 36.8 centimetres (each sheet;c.)

                    Width: 24.9 centimetres (each sheet;c.)

Subject:seascape,castle/fort,battle Associated events:

Associated Event Russo-Japanese War(Mistake:Sino-Japanese War is correct)

Associated places:Topographic representation of Jinzhou Castle(Asia,China,Liaoning (province),Jinzhou,Jinzhou Castle)

Acquisition date:1946

Acquisition name:Bequeathed by Arthur Morrison 

明治廿七年 月 日印刷

   仝年十月 日発行

臨写印刷兼発行者 辻岡文助 日本橋區横山町三丁目二番地



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